Oman is one of the most versatile travel destinations out there - it has just about something to offer to all kinds of travelers. On this Middle Eastern peninsula, you'll not only see stunning wadis, mountains and deserts, but also ancient fortresses, modern mosques and quiet beaches. It's the perfect holiday spot if you're interested in a wide variety of experiences! This Oman itinerary + road trip guide will provide you with all the essential tips you need to have a pleasant time in this beautifully unique country.
Oman really has something for every kind of traveler. If you're looking for an adventure, you can swim inside the country's numerous wadis or trek its majestic mountains. If you're after relaxation, you can watch turtles nest on a beach or gaze at a sunset horizon in the desert. If you're a history and architecture buff, you're in luck too - you'll find some really stunning fortresses and mosques in Oman. In short - it's the perfect vacation spot if you're interested in a wide range of activities!
MUSCAT. The first stop on your Oman itinerary is Muscat, the bustling capital and the largest city in the country. Spend the first 2 days enjoying this city's beautiful architecture, souqs, food, and beach! Below is a list of the top things to do during your time here.
Admire the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in Oman and a remarkable example of modern Islamic architecture. Its beautifully symmetrical architecture and smooth marble floors make it one of the biggest highlights of Muscat. Opened in 2001, the mosque can house up to 20,000 worshippers and is one of the only mosques in Muscat that's open to non-Muslim visitors. It took 6 years to complete and the chandelier inside the mosque holds 600,000 Swarovski crystals with 24-karat gold plating!
Climb the Mutrah Fort & Stroll Along the Mutrah Corniche. Mutrah Fort stands on top of a rocky hill and offers beautiful views of Muscat and the surrounding sea. It has 3 towers and was built by the Portuguese in the 1580s as a defense against the Ottoman army. I recommend climbing up to this fort to get some stunning panoramas of the city, and then taking a walk along the Mutrah Corniche, where on one side you'll see a row of white buildings against the backdrop of mountains, and on the other side - the peaceful view of the ocean.
DAY TRIP TO WADI SHAB. It’s time to go deep into Oman’s nature! Wadi Shab is one of the country’s most visited outdoor attractions and it’s definitely worth the hype. This wadi consists of 3 natural pools that you can swim in; a mystical waterfall inside a cave which you can also swim in, and a gorgeous hiking trail leading up to it all. Overall, the experience here felt like being inside a natural water park – one with stunning views of canyons all around you!
At the end of your hike, you’ll reach Wadi Shab’s 3 natural pools! The views you get from the water are simply breathtaking. The first pool is the most shallow one and is suitable for non-swimmers, beginners and children. The second pool starts to get deeper the further you swim, so if you don’t feel confident in your swimming abilities, I recommend staying in the shallower section. The third pool is the deepest of them all – you won’t be able to touch the bottom of the pool with your feet, so I only recommend this pool for excellent swimmers.
BIMMAH SINKHOLE. Get ready: the next stop on your Oman itinerary is Bimmah Sinkhole, one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the country! Many locals believe this sinkhole was created by a meteorite, although that remains a myth. Reaching Bimmah Sinkhole is easy: it’s a 1.5-hour drive from Muscat and you won’t have trouble finding it. The sinkhole is approximately 20 m deep, and when you’re inside its clear turquoise water, you’ll be surrounded by tons of fishes! Swimming here is a unique experience that you absolutely can’t miss.