Our 100-mile long Northeast Alabama waterfall road trip features 11-miles of national scenic roads, 12 waterfalls, and 24 other points of interest as you chase waterfalls on a stunningly beautiful 3-hour tour. Of course, it will take you longer as you stop to take pictures and take in the sites. This route is an easy day trip from Nashville, Atlanta, Birmingham, or our home in Huntsville. This route includes not only Alabama's tallest waterfall but some of Alabama's largest waterfalls by volume as well.
DESOTO FALLS. Desoto Falls offers visitors something for every season. During the summer, water lovers can rent kayaks and travel 4-miles upstream. During the falls, the turning leaves and the iconic boat house make for stunning photographs. During the winter and spring, water levels are at their highest, which is why we colloquially call this waterfall season.
Once you're in the park, you'll enjoy the small cascade flowing over the historic A. A. Miller Dam and the Desoto State Park Lake behind the dam. A 50-step long staircase decorated with mosaic tiles takes you to a railed overlook where you can see the 107' Lower Desoto Falls.
DESOTO STATE PARK. Desoto State Park is six miles south of the namesake falls. Here’s you’ll find camping, cabins, hiking, and mountain biking. However, if you’re on a waterfall road trip, you’re going to want to see falling water. The main park has several to choose from. Here is our list, subjectively ranked from most impressive to least:
Lodge Falls: A 25′ waterfall located behind Desoto Lodge.
Indian Falls: A 20′ tall falls located across the road from the Talmudge Butler Boardwalk Trailhead (formerly Azalea Cascade Trailhead).
Laurel Falls: A 6′ tall falls located .75 miles from the Desoto Country Store. (Many people combine Lost Falls and Laurel Falls into a 2.3-mile loop hike).
Lost Falls: A 5′ waterfalls located 1.5 miles away from the County Store. (known to be ‘lost’ altogether during dry months).
Azalea Cascade: An 8′ cascade on the Talmudge Butler Boardwalk. (known locally as the most disappointing waterfall in the park).