Who wouldn't want to go scuba diving Nassau Bahamas? The country sparkles like an aquamarine gemstone from space. More than 700 islands dot the Lucayan Archipelago, surrounded by a mosaic of shallow seas and deep troths. At the center of it all sits the town of Nassau on New Providence Island.
Nassau, once home to pirate kings, is now a diver's dream. It has the most and cheapest flights from the US of any Bahama airport. Once you land, dive centers can take you just offshore to experience coral reefs, deep walls, a fleet of wrecks, and year-round sharks. Diving fanatics will want to take a Bahamas liveaboard trip from Nassau into the Exuma Sound to discover virtually untouched dive sites with up to five dives a day. Come with us as we explore Nassau Bahamas diving and find out why it's America's destination dive capital.
The waters around Nassau are so clear that you are practically diving already as you fly in. You can feel a palatable excitement looking down into that Bahama blue water and knowing you're going to be blowing bubbles soon. The west end of the island is next to a dropoff into a troth called 'The Tongue of the Ocean', where you'll experience wall diving at its finest. The east side is adjacent to a 30-mile-wide shallow sea, which is the crossing to the Exuma Sound. All around the island are shallow coral reefs covered with tropical fish.
Not only are there more natural dive sites in Nassau than you could possibly experience in a dozen vacations, but there's a fleet of ships sank as artificial reefs waiting to be explored. From 100' sea cutters to tug boats to shipwrecks from Bond films, you'll see the juxtaposition of man and sea and watch as the ocean reclaims its own. Also not to be missed are the famed shark diving in Nassau, Bahamas. These aren't the vicious great whites that force you to be in a cage. They're the gentle cousins, reef sharks, that swim freely around you during their meal.
Between the clear warm water, colorful coral reefs, abundant life, and exciting dive sites, you’ll see why thousands of divers come here every year and why you have to consider going to the Bahamas for your next dive trip. We learned to dive in the Bahamas, and it’s our most visited dive location outside of the US.
Open water divers will love exploring the reefs, where they’ll see colorful tropical fish and maybe a nurse shark or sea turtle. Advanced divers will want to explore the walls with swim-throughs and eels hiding in the holes. And divers of all levels will enjoy the sunken fleet around Nassau. Here are a few of the dive sites that we think are extraordinary.
The James Bond Wrecks – Nassau is known for wrecks, and none are more famous than the James Bond Wrecks. The first wreck you’ll reach is Tears of Allah, a 92-foot tug boat sunk for Never Say Never Again. Look for the classic shot of the “torpedo hole” from the movie. The second wreck is a mockup of a Vulcan bomber from Thunderball that the ocean is actively reclaiming.
Shark Wall / Shark Arena – This is the classic shark diving in Nassau, Bahamas. It’s a two-tank dive. On the first tank, you explore Shark Wall as your pelagic friends swim with you, waiting for their dinner. The second tank is meal time, where you kneel in the sand and watch the shark show. There’s something remarkably peaceful and beautiful about watching sharks feed and swim around.
Pumpkin Patch – This is a beautiful and vast coral reef, but we particularly love it because you might find sea turtles here. Nothing can describe the experience of swimming with these beauties. They’re so graceful and elegant underwater as they go about their turtle lives.
Tunnel Wall – This one wall has it all. At the 30′ level grows a garden of soft corals and sea fans. Just a couple of kicks north, and you’ll reach a dramatic dropoff with hard corals and swim-throughs. Of course, you never know what you’ll see swimming up from the deep here.