Romantic things to do in Hattiesburg MS are so close to everything but so far from ordinary. They call Hattiesburg the Hub City because it's a short drive away from New Orleans, Natchez, Jackson, Meridian, Mobile, and Coastal Mississippi. Picture spokes on the hub of an imaginary wheel, with Hattiesburg as the central connection.
The attractions in Hattiesburg speak to all of the languages of love. That's our trope, our muse, and our vision for showcasing this super cute Mississippi city filled with fun things to do and delicious places to eat.
Our first foray into Hattiesburg's love language is words of affirmation while cycling the Longleaf Trace. Do you remember learning to ride a bike? That feeling of freedom and motion as the world opens up to you? Bike dates are just like that. Don't worry if it has been a while since your last ride; it's just like riding a bike!
The railroads put Hattiesburg on the national map, and this 45-mile long converted rail-trail put the town on ours. You can plan an entire Longleaf Trace bike weekend, but only a special few would find that romantic. However, anybody can pop into the Gateway Bike Shop, rent some bikes, and explore the trail. It's the best free thing to do in Hattiesburg.
PRACTICE PADDLING ON OKATOMA CREEK. Paddling has a long and deep connection to relationship development, and I don’t mean in a 50 Shades of Gray way. Let’s just say there’s a reason tandem kayaks are called divorce boats. But once you establish your relationship power dynamic, you’re ready to hit the water.
Since Okatoma Creek has Mississippi’s only class I rapids, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your words of affirmation. After warming up with “paddle faster,” “Stop Leaning,” “Draw Right,” and “High Side,”; You can progress to “I don’t believe you made it through that” and “I love you for keeping the sandwiches dry.”